Marius Reikerås está con Alberto Paz Viñas.

Alberto Paz ViñasNorway should at least rufund the taxes that were sponged ilegally to Spanish seamen.Hopefully they Will come to terms if they are honest and legal.Norway cannot pretend to be rich and honest when for decades, it has stolen 12 thousand Spanish sailors from its merchant fleet, chargin then taxes as if they were norwegian nationals with out any type of social rigths, we are talking about decades of this abuse but this has happened over 40 years 4 decades a whole working life for many of us to help the growth of Norway and recive nothing in return for the Norwegian Goverment to explain this to its people that Norway pride thenselves on being an explotative thief country toward Spanish sailors country hwo love to sow to the World their double moral sincerely very sad and deplorable that between many other problems that norway has around the World and is trying to hiden to their population.

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