Prensa de Brasil este es el criterio de Noruega a nivel Mundial y lo que le espera en unos días mas.Queda aun mucha basura para sacar al Sol de este país mentiroso y sinvergüenza pero saldrá toda si o si.

Marius Reikerås está con Suranya Aiyar y Tomáš Zdechovský.

With so many shocking cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights, we should certainly be reminded what MEP , Tomas Zdechovský, told Brazilian medialast year:

"Norway's child welfare system, Barnevernet, is incredibly corrupt," argues Tomáš Zdechovský, Member of the European Parliament, who has earned three masters' degrees through his studies.

Zdechovský is at the helm of an informal group of over 70 MEPs from a dozen countries and several different political groups, who believe that massive human rights abuses in Norway should not be tolerated.

Zdechovský reminds us that #Barnevernet are now infamous all over the world. He states, for example, that in Portugal, Spain and Brazil, this "awesome" system (Barnevernet) creates hundreds of critical articles annually, that are continuously being published (like the Mundo article).

"#Norway, however, has little interest in acknowledging this very serious problem and also great difficulty in reflecting on its current policy of stealing children," writes Zdechovský.

"As a member of the European Parlament, I am deeply worried about how Norway, in many areas under the rule of law and particularly in child welfare cases, violates its Human Rights obligations.

I am not surprised to see hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe and in the rest of the world, march the streets making protests against Norway's Human Rights abuses.

With other colleagues in the European Parliament, from many different countries, I have decided that these abuses must come to a final end."