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Brief information about Norways severe Human Rights problems.]

Date: Wed, August 14, 2019 12:07 pm

To whom it may concern in the UN Security Council.

Copy: Public.

I refer to my email of 12 August, see below, in which I have notified the Council about the many Human Rights cases pending before the ECHR.

In the extension of this, I would like to draw the attention as to how some children in Norway, who are under public care, are being treated by government officials.

I receive many inquires from children who are under public care,and desperately want to return to their families.

Since 2015, 5241 children have escaped from foster-homes and institutions.

This, according to the governments own numbers.

One of these children, is 14 year old Jone.

In a decision against Norway, the ECHR has stated that children, at least those more than 12 years of age, have a decisive self- determination.

In the decision of 3 November 2016,the Court states in premise 29:

"Given his age (12 years at the time of the Supreme Court’s decision), and taking into account the fact that there will be nothing to prevent him from taking the initiative to increase contact at any time in the future if he so desires,.."

If Norway had respected Jones basic Human Rights, he would have been allowed to be reunited with his mother and three siblings, 11, 14 and 18 years og age.

Keep in mind that when Norway, in September last year, was convicted in the ECHR, the Court found a violation of Article 8 of the Convention because Norway did not respect the principle of family reunification as soon as reasonably feasible.

But instead of abiding to the judgment, Norway continues to violate Jone and others Human Rights.

I will illustrate this by showing two short videoes.

The first video, is taken some months ago at a public child welfare institution in the city of Arendal.

As you can see from the video, Jone is violently being held down by two men working at the institution in Arendal:

The second video, shows how he is escorted by several police-officers from the Haugseund police-district, away from his family home, with his hands tied up with handcuffs. This video is also taken only a few months ago.

In this situation, the police meet with 7 officers, see video number 2:

Both incidents document serious violations of both the European Convention on Human Rights, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This is also a part of Norway, in which the government does not want the world to see.

Instead, millions of Euros are being spent portraying Norway as a shining image who deserves a seat in the Security Council.

As long as so many of our own people are suffering from severe Human Rights violations, I do not believe that Norway deserves to hold any seat in the Security Council.

14 August, Bergen, Norway

Marius Reikerås