Brief information about Norways severe Human Rights problems.

Date: Mon, August 12, 2019 2:03 pm

To whom it may concern in the UN Security Council.

Copy: Public.

I am aware that Norway is one of three countries that are applying for a seat in the Security Council in the period 2021-2022. The other two, are Ireland and Canada.

I would like to inform the Security Council that Norway has a very high number of serious cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which indicates that Norway may systematically violate its Human
Rights obligations.

This is particularly related to the area of Family Law
where, on 17 June this year, the ECHR decided to communicate another 16 cases against Norway, so that the total number, so far, is at least 26!

There are no countries in Europe that have so many cases communicated in this area of law, even though Norway's population constitutes only 0.6% of the total population probing under the jurisdiction of the ECHR.

Norway has also shown little or no will to clear up its internal Human Rights problems, and has also dismissed the criticism that the Council of Europe brought to Norway in June 2018, through its report "Striking a balance between the best interest of the child and the need to keep families together "

The fact that Norway does not clear up its own Human Rights problems, has led to thousands of people living in unnecessary fear.

Several families have also chosen to flee the country, and Poland has granted, among other things, a mother and her daughter asylum, because Poland concludes that Norway systematically violate human rights in the area of Family Law.

There is also great concern among several members of the European Parliament.

This is for preliminary information.

Bergen, August 12, 2019.

Marius Reikerås