Norwegian human rights proponent and legal expert Marius Reikerås commented recently on some of his findings from the Lobben case, that was heard on 17 October 2018 at the ECtHR. Reikerås writes:

“Did the judges Ravarani (Luxembourg), Spano (Iceland) and Pere Pastor Vilanova (Andorra) contribute to disclosing the vast Norwegian human right’s hoaxes that Trude Lobben and many others are exposed to? Ravarani asks the (Norwegian) state a very simple question, what happened to the midwife who supported Trude Lobben in order to get her child back? The answer to that question was that the midwife was ‘removed' from the case when she was perceived as troublesome to the public system. The psychologist that Trude Lobben hired was also ignored.

This is not unique in Norway. We have countless examples of people who are discredited, harassed or just simply 'disappear', when they support a private party in a fight against the state of Norway.

Judge Vilanova wondered how Trudy Lobben’s baby was taken from her in 2008. The baby was taken in the most brutal fashion. Some employees at the Vilde mother's home arrived without warning and just carted the baby away. Trude Lobben was then told that she had to pack her things and get out of the mother’s home.

It would seem that they knew already in 2008, that Trude’s son would never come back to her. Some sources suggested that Trude Lobben’s baby, was already planned to be adopted in 2008. The fact that the decision to adopt Trude Lobben’s son happened in 2012 is nothing but a fitting mask, for something that was allegedly clarified in 2008.

Asle Hansen’s recent article (1) in Dagbladet, revealed the close ties between the foster mother and the child welfare manager, already in 2010.

Judge Spano also made some important statements. Spano highlighted that it didn’t matter at all that Trude Lobben, in 2012 got married and had already given birth to a new child.

Drammen district court didn’t take this into consideration at all, as they clearly stated that the return of Trude’s son was not applicable. Furthermore, we know that before this, no one in the Norwegian system was willing to even consider Trude Lobben’s human rights.

Is it really that surprising that the (Norwegian) government attorney frantically tries to tell the European Court of Human Rights to ‘stay out of it’?

He knows, and we also know that the huge Norwegian human rights bluff has been revealed.

A big thank you to the aforementioned judges.”

(1)“My children ask me when they can meet their big brother. I can’t answer that.”…/tvangsadopsjonen-som-ka…/60428408